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Achalasia is an esophageal disorder that causes smooth muscle fiber failure which results in the closing down of sphincter. It disturbs the functioning of esophagus wh...
Alopecia is an autoimmune disease of hair follicles that are a vital part of the skin where hair grows resulting in complete or partial hair loss. Key Facts ...
Costochondritis is the wib and cheat wall disorder which causes inflammation in costochondral joints. It is the inflammation between the cartilage that joins the ribs ...
Emphysema is a long term respirational lung disorder causing shortness of breath. Alveloi fills with air in the onset of this disorder and lungs expand than their norm...
Eye Bags
Eye bags is are mild kind of swelling under the eyes which worsens as we age. Muscles supporting eyelids and tissues around the eyes when weaken they give way...
Flatulence is a condition in which gases generated in the intestine or stomach are passed out at double or sometimes triple the rate of normal passing out of gas in th...
Hydrocele is a form of testicle disorder in which a sac filled with fluid is formed under the penis resulting in swelling of the scrotum. It can cause pain and discomf...
Porphyria  is a rare hemoglobin disorder which is said to be caused due to hereditary factors. It is considered a hereditary disease which states abnorma...
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